OHH.. Pretty Please…. おねがいよ~

My little sister as a little doll..
She gave me that (really cute) expression on her face. WHY?? Hmm Maybe because I was forcing her to let me take a picture of her. I really wanted her to be my model. I want her to wear this and that. Do this and that.. Anything that I want. But even though she doesn’t want to.. She still did it for me.
I realize.. No matter what.. we will always be sisters. And what are sisters for? She can be someone who will always be there for you.. Having a little sister is like playing with your own favorite doll. You took care of her, play house with her, hugs her, and calls her your only best friend! That’s what it feels like in having a cute little sister.. your number one playmate and best friend



About Gem R. Zhang

...can write, speak, and read in both Japanese and English, traveler, camera lover, coffee lover, dreamer...

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