XINE: Simplicity and Innocence


my very own model..

very helpful whenever I wanted to do some photoshoots..

she’s always there (though forceful as I am haha) to pose for me..

she’s indeed a lovely sister (^___^)

SIMPLICITY AND INNOCENCE. This was during a photography tutorial session using a Nikon D80 on November 11, 2008 with Mr. Ian Javier. Modeled by my very own sister Xine.
Shots were taken without any much of make-up like how real models in magazines do. But with just a little talc powder, a simple blush-on, and a bit of a simple lipstick for young teens. But still she look amazingly pretty to me. This is how I define beauty.. just being simple and innocent.


Photography Lessons and Camera Credits to IAN JAVIER.


About Gem R. Zhang

...can write, speak, and read in both Japanese and English, traveler, camera lover, coffee lover, dreamer...


  1. きれい !! you’re using PnS only? superb! ^^

    • oh ahaha this post was with a borrowed nikon slr ehehe the P&S shoots are categorized.. its found at the menu list 🙂

      this are my old portfolios.. nag sige pa ko hinay2x balhin sa mga pics 😦

      thanks glee…. ^^

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