Yellow Ice Cream Twirl 黄色アイスクリーム

Ice Cream! No.. this is not from Jollibee.. Its from Molave Milk Station, Brgy. Dakit, Barili, Cebu, Philippines. This may look like an ordinary ice cream but once you have tasted it… gives you the feeling of that rich fresh milk! So soft and sweet. I think that its even better than Magnum! 😀 And it is actually made of milk.. fresh from the farm!

Behind the tree is a farm of cows, goats, and carabaos. Milk used for the ice cream is really fresh from the animals in that farm. It melts so fast because it is pure fresh milk! That unlike other ice creams which are just made mostly of ice.

This ice cream also gave me the feeling of happiness especially this was eaten together with my family and relatives. I was so happy that it warms my heart and it also warmed my hands that it made the ice cream melts right away! (^__^)

いいえ、ジョリビー屋さんからじゃなく、フィリピン・セブ島の田舎にあるバリリ町のアイスクリームだよ!普通みたいけど、すげ~美味しかった!食べた時にフレッシュ、幸せの感じになった。ふっれっシュミルクから作られたアイスクリームなんだ。お店は、実は、ファームの内に位置していて、ショップから下にえは、牛など見える!そして、一番いいのはこれを家族と大切な人たちと一緒に食べると幸せ~!もっと美味しくなるでしょうね~ 🙂 アイスクリームは、温かい手にだんだん溶けちゃった!(O.O)


About Gem R. Zhang

...can write, speak, and read in both Japanese and English, traveler, camera lover, coffee lover, dreamer...

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