Cebu’s First Grand Cosplay Ball & Awards Night 2012

Date: MAY 19, 2012 @ 6-10PM
Venue: 21st Floor, Golden Peak Hotel

Best Male Cosplayer 2011-2012 Mr. Rayland Duarte
Best Female Cosplayer 2011-2012 Ms. Miles Semblante
Best Crossplayer 2011-2012 Mr. Rayland Duarte
Best Craftsman 2011-2012 Mr Kerty Tabana
Breakthrough Cosplayer 2011-2011 Mr. Julius Ybarita
Vanguard of the Year: Cebu Cosplayer’s Club
Best Dressed Couple: Atom Ovile and Alois Yoshida
The Cosplay Ball King and Queen: Alan and Maki Kazagami
Video Contest Winner: Team OVERSOUL CEBU

Imagine yourself in grand ball room with a crowd of girls dressing as Impresses and Lolita styled flowing dresses, good-looking guys in Tux & suits, and impressive gentlemen in long Eaton top hats. Lights just right for a splendid night then accompanied with fine music as couples starts dancing the traditional waltz… but wait? In Japanese!?

It was the Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night! The first in Cebu!

An event, spearheaded in cooperation of the HATTORI Media Events and GECCOS, a night that brings Cebu Cosplayers in a formal gathering, not for a cosplay competition but for fellowship in fine dining with other cosplayers, partying, celebrating, and probably talking all night only about cosplay, anime, and other similar interests.

Cosplay is a culture orginated from Japan.
Short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centred around role play. Cosplay express adoration for a character, or in feeling similar to a character in personality, seeking to become that character. This type of cosplayer may be associated with being a fan and is often labelled as an otaku. The exponential growth in the number of people picking up cosplay as a hobby since 1990 has made the phenomenon influential in popular culture. This is particularly the case in Asia where cosplay influences Japanese street fashion and popular culture.(Wikipedia)

From the time when the public started to embrace Japanese type of cartoons such as Voltes 5 and Daimos, and then from the peak of great popularity began with Sailormoon and Dragon Ball series… from then on began years of continuous popularity of Anime and Manga in the Philippines.

From toy trucks to Gundam toys, sticker and card collections, and remember those times when we look for Anime related freebies inside a snack pack! Wow, I couldn’t relate more but since then I’ve been a fan myself as well!

And then time went on as the Anime and Manga enthusiasts began to further widen their interests as fans now indulge themselves from an inspiration for a certain character through becoming the character themselvesbringing Anime and Manga stories in life and live action!

Thus, the birth of Cosplay trend and culture.

The culture of Cosplay in Cebu already running in years already and growing… from good to better! It is not even among the Anime and Manga enthusiasts only. Society now is also becoming more involved. Like for example, a recent cosplay in Talamban was actually part of celebrating Talamban Town’s festival. Thus, it is highly recognized already even by the local government as part of Cebu’s growing culture.

From a simple group of Cosplayers long time ago… now became a Community of Cosplayers today.

Not only Magical this night was but, the night at the ball became a symbol of SUCCESS and ESTABLISHMENT of a Bigger CEBU Cosplay Community .

So how did the Cosplay ball go? Well here’s the photo story! Enjoy! 😀

At the registrations before the ball started, crowded up by totally excited Cosplaying participants! 😀

The program was lead by these gorgeous Emcees! Miss Cebu 2012 1st Runner-up Ms. Rachel Chloe T. Palang and Popular Props Craftsman Mr. Kerty Tabana.

Entertained with live Singing and Gigs by this Cosplay Band.

There were also surprises and games that brought us into laughter…

but the most significant part was the Auction activity. The auction items were the used Cosplay stuffs such as dresses and boots for the benefit of the charity… that truly brought us smiling forever.

And the most awaited part was the Awarding Ceremonies!

Celebration and Partey-partey people in Cosplay~! 😀

and Fall in love with the couples of the night 🙂

More PHOTOS at JAPAN♥CEBU Facebook page and please do care to LIKE! 😉

Wait! There’s a reason yet to be more excited! This is also featured at an Online Cebu Magazine site for

Japanese readers would definitely be happy of our appreciation of Cosplay here in Cebu isn’t it!? Feel free to CHECK it out now!
(CLICK on the IMAGE above to see more about the Article) 😉


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