Let’s play Tennis~!


To you, might also be a new sport worth trying with. New for beginners to play. But it is not new as a sport, and its actually one of the sports the we most widely heard of!

Unlike badminton which is intended to be better played indoors…

with TENNIS, you can enjoy a game any time and at any weather… rain or shine it may be! 🙂

That you can even try Tennis on a lawn of full grean grass! …in which is actually how it first began and known for back in the 17th century Wales, England.

Tennis is a great and fun outdoor game. No wonder every one’s thrilled even with just watching a live game of tennis on TV! 😀

So how about a game or two at a tropical seaside Tennis court? Awss…. :3



About Gem R. Zhang

...can write, speak, and read in both Japanese and English, traveler, camera lover, coffee lover, dreamer...

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