Cebu Doctor’s University|Cosplay Party

Event: Cebu Doctor’s University: Dentistry Acquaintance CosParty 2012
Date: July 13, 2012 @ 6-11PM
Venue: City Sports Club Cebu, Ayala Business Park Cebu City Philippines

Well, as from the title itself, this time is a Cosplay-themed University students’ party! The first time that I’ve heard of a school adapting Cosplay culture for a school party event. No doubt that Cosplay now has surely become an interesting theme to most Cebuano youth nowadays. The Cosplay party held was actually an acquaintance party, a party where students get acquainted and get to know more about each other, especially getting to know each of their SEMPAIs and KOHAIs. Cosplay fans or not these students may be, but I saw that they all enjoyed this newly adapted way of partying, amateur cosplayers they all seem to me, but these students tried their very best to put out a good costume play of the character they’ve chosen. So here are some pictures to see how the students cosplay for the party 🙂

The Cosplay Party was not limited to Japanese Anime/Manga Characters, which we commonly known of for cosplaying, but HERE they also have Costume play for Disney Characters! 😀

As for their Miss Dentistry Pageant Participants, they dressed as Disney Princesses! Such as Jasmine of Aladdin and Belle of Beauty and the Beast! 😀

Beauty and the Beast

Other Disney related Costume plays: Snow White and the Evil Witch!

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell 🙂

Stitch and Friend! 😀

Here’s another cosplayer which I find it hard to figure out the character that he dressed as… but somehow he dressed as like one of the characters from Alice in the Wonderland. But he won Best in Individual Costume anyway, and with a box of Krispy Kreme as a giveaway! Yummy 🙂

Japanese Anime related costume play:

Chi of Chobits with Stitch of Disney

Vampire Knight

Edward Elric of the Full Metal Alchemist

Other Japanese related cosplays: Girls in Yukata and Girls in colorful ribbons and wigs! 😀

American comics characters (Marvel/Capcom) costume plays are also present as well such as Cat Woman, the X-men, and Wonderwoman! 😉

the X-men

Wonderwoman and Friend

Catwoman, Wonderwoman, and Japanese girl

BUT the most unique costume play for me is when the students played as their school Teachers in a character! They prepared masks of printed faces of each of their teachers in a cut-out paper. And then the way they act out each of their teacher’s personality was extremely hilarious and entertaining through dancing and funny story monologues. The teachers also really enjoyed the presentation that they were granted First Prize for the presentation! 😀

So what do you think of this kind of party? 😉


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One comment

  1. cosplaying their school teachers! soooo kewll!! i’m so glad cosplay’s becoming popular nowadays! i just wished this was as popular as it was now when I was a little younger. lol XD
    ~great pics by the way! ^^

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