SM City Cosplay Meet-up|On the Spot Photocontest 2012

I recently joined a Cosplay Photocontest (dated July 21, 2012). Theme: Cosplay = “first time” yeah, but for Motive: Photocontest? ummm… not! but I’m a proud Amateur-under-training Photographer 😀 And yes critics #critics are always welcome here 😉

Participating photographers were only allowed to submit one(1) photo. And given 24hours to submit their photos. Abiding the rules so I picked one out, but there are also photos that how I really wished that I could hand-out too… So here are the photos of my own personal choose as candidates for possible entries. #IfGivenTheChance 🙂




#JustSaying Rarusu Chin Gem (me) meets Cebu City’s recent Top cosplayer, Miles Semblante. She hosted the event. It was an honor meeting her 🙂

#interesting: Miles Semblante wore these awesome shoes! These are the shoes she cosplayed with as she was cosplaying for Iron Maiden of Shaman King (Anime). A comment on Facebook said: “my concern is shoe weigh, too heavy for her… ahaha indeed! I salute Miss Miles for wearing such shoes. So its not just her Cosplay costumes that makes her “the One” but its the personality that she has, the ways she carries her character no matter how hard it could get is what made her the Top Cosplayer as what people sees 🙂

So how about this photo as a Facebook Timeline Cover? to boosts out that Cosplay adoration! 😉


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...can write, speak, and read in both Japanese and English, traveler, camera lover, coffee lover, dreamer...

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