ABOUT ラルス珍・Rarusu Chin

RARE is associated with → , which is read as CHIN

RARUSU is latin for RARE in the Japanese Language,  

combined then its RarusuChin,

because I’m the one and only unique ME~♪


I may not have the skill nor talent in Photography… but I got the Passion and Love for it. And I have decided to open up this PhotoBlog. So every aspiring photographer boys and girls can see that how a simple dreamer as me… can give inspiration through stories in pictures, and that anyone can be a better photographer. Here you will witness my journey in the world of Photography. Such rookie projects though.. hehe but yet there is nothing wrong in trying in what you really want to do. Photography is like painting that you can put your feelings in it. When you took that picture, you have experienced a moment of life and felt the beauty of it. Those feelings may never come back, so photography is one way to keep it all together into one valuable treasure. ” -RarusuChin



♫Rarusu Chin GEM is…♫

★currently residing in Cebu, Philippines
★University of San Carlos graduate
★Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N3 Certified (2011)
★writer at ExciteCebu.com
★Treasurer/Officer, Association of Nihongo Teachers Visayas(ANTV)
★a Filipin♀ who l♥ves to study Japanese Language and its Culture.
★wants coffee in every meal
★born adventurer/traveler
★proudly and happily writes (in both English and Japanese language) about Cebu events, shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, and anything that showcases why… its more FUN in CEBU Philippines♪!




★サンカルス大学 卒業




Photo of Rarusu Chin credits to Glee Segun of iAmbidextrous

TWITTER: @rarusuchin

E-MAIL: rarusuchin@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/gemcbr